The flight of the real Iron Man ledthe English are delighted

For the 38-year-old English inventor and entrepreneur
Richard Browning stuck the real Iron Nickname

Iron Man is the famous hero of American comics and
films, who made himself a flying suit to fight with
by crime. Browning, unlike a fictional character,
designed a similar suit in real life. And although the man does not
struggling with injustice (does not see in it the meaning and legitimate
grounds), he hopes that in the future the exoskeleton he invented
will be effectively used by law enforcement and

Last week, Richard again demonstrated his
offspring compatriots, having made a flight over a business park
Media City in the English city of Salford. Daredevil, fanatical
the inventor and former marine led the surrounding in
delight when showed them how easy a person can fly without
wings and some bulky fixtures.

Wonderful costume called “Daedalus” (in honor of the character
ancient Greek mythology) was first tested by the British back in
April this year. And earlier this month, Browning got into
Guinness Book of Records, reaching in flight speed 51.53
kilometers per hour.

Futuristic exoskeleton equipped with 6 jet gas
engines, already managed to rivet the attention of the military from many countries,
expressed interest in using similar technology
on the battlefield (law enforcement officers, as always, lag behind).

Having made a successful flight in the eyes of the amazed public, Richard
told reporters:

Every time I fly, I feel great pleasure. it
rather intense, but at the same time it teaches humility. TO
Technique must always be treated with respect. If at least one of
engines will stop working when I fly, the chances of dying
i will be quite great. TOаждый полет может стать для меня
last I know it perfectly. But I can’t imagine how
Can a person refuse to fly in this way?
After all, he is not afraid to fly airplanes, helicopters, space
rockets, finally, although any of the above flights also
associated with the risk of falling and breaking due to equipment failure …

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