The German astronaut put his finger on the holeISS

Recently it became known that on the morning of August 30 at the International
a space station accident happened. Astronauts
получили сообщение, что на ISS происходила утечка воздуха, и стали
inspect the station compartments, looking for a hole.

2-миллиметровое отверстие на пристыкованном к ISS корабле «Союз
MS-09 ”was found 42-year-old German star navigator Alexander
Gerst, who did not invent anything better than how to plug a hole
own finger. 4 other crew members came to the rescue
colleague and promptly patched the hole with a special tape, and then
epoxy resin.

It is believed that the consequences of the depressurization of space
the vessel will be catastrophic for the crew. For example, in the famous
the fantastic film “Alien: Resurrection” through a small
a hole in the hull of the ship sucks a large living organism. The
However, Gerst proved by his example that in reality
nothing terrible happens in this case.

Изначально предполагалось, что отверстие образовалось в ISS
due to a station colliding with a tiny meteorite or space
garbage, however, then information arrived that it was the fault
one of the Roscosmos employees who discovered a breach in a ship on
Earth 2 months ago, however, due to negligence, only
glue, hoping for the Russian “maybe” …

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