The German claims that he photographed the forestdeity riding a boar

On the popular anonymous web forum “4chan” appeared intriguing
a publication made by a certain resident of Germany. According to
an unknown German, he recently installed a camera trap in nature,
reacting to any movement and serving to observe the wild

The fact that a few nights ago in the lens of the forest camera,
struck a man to the depths of his soul, forcing shudder from
surprises such a snapshot. On one of the photos received
imprinted boar, on the back of which … sits a mysterious humanoid
a creature with glowing eyes!

Our hero came to the conclusion that his camera accidentally shot so
called Derk – the little-known god of the German-Scandinavian
mythology, which is something of a Russian leshi. Darke if
Believe local legends, lives in the forest, carefully guarding there
plants and animals.

It is claimed that this deity is neutral towards people.
If a traveler or a hunter behaves in nature respectfully, do not
taking more from the forest than he needs and without disturbing
the order established here, then dark does not touch the person and even
can help him in his business, say, lead to a mushroom
clearing, take out of the thicket and so on. However, if you dare
to insult a deity with your disrespectful attitude towards his possessions,
you certainly awaiting severe punishment. Famous city
legends about the German poachers who are killed and then
gutted by not known who and how.

In the German-Scandinavian myths there are several colorful
characters moving on boars, as if on horseback. TO
For example, the goddess of war and love, Freya, is riding a fighting pig.
Hildisvini, when not willing or unable to use
its chariot drawn by cats.

An anthropomorphic creature on a mysterious frame of a German has a skinny
body and large head with an incomprehensible hood, like a snake.
The presumed god is looking straight into the camera, wide open dark
mouth. Some users of the World Wide Web even looked at
hand humanoid something like a spear.

Some commentators believe that it was in fact Derk or
maybe the aforementioned Freya, which is often depicted with
spear in hand. For others, before us is a mutant, an alien,
ghost or creature from a parallel world. Still others believe that
it’s about photomontage and mystification.

Finally, there are individuals who assume that all
it is a paradeolic illusion. Say, the branches on the tree folded
in such a bizarre way, and the “luminous eyes of the entity” are
nothing but the highlights in the camera lens. That just created
glare in a dark forest, skeptics do not explain, because such a trap itself
the flash does not have …

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