The ghost appeared in the window of an old tea

A couple of travelers were surprised and even a little scared,
when I photographed the British tea cafe “The Bridge Tea
Rooms “of the 16th century, and subsequently noticed in one of the windows
establishments ghostly face.

Mysterious incident occurred a few days ago in English.
Bradford on Avon with 34-year-old Simon Phillips and
28-year-old Ellie Vikkers. Lovers visited the old tea house
rest time, and Simon photographed Ellie against the background of the historic
structures. After a couple of days, the woman considered received
vacation time snapshots and suddenly noticed on one frame ominous
head in the window of the last floor of the building.

�The Bridge Tea Rooms, first opened in 1502, is not
famous for any ghosts (it’s still a cafe, and not
cemetery), but this does not mean that they can not be here.
During its long history, the institution has changed many owners, and not
it is possible that the spirit of any of them periodically visits here.
to this day. Simon thinks that his camera has hit
deceased woman from the Victorian era. Ellie suggests that
This is a phantom of a fat man.

Intrigued by their discovery, the couple sent a copy of the photo
the current owners of teahouse, Roy and Alison Hayward. Entrepreneurs,
owning cafes since 2006, were surprised and excited not
less authors of the snapshot. 53-year-old Alison immediately went up to the room
Where did the alleged person come from the other world, and did not find there
nothing that could create a similar optical illusion from the street.

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