The ghost ball rose above the bed

A resident of Manchester claims that the security camera in
her home has fixed a mysterious spherical clot of energy. By
According to the British, the ghostly essence appeared right in her bedroom,
when our heroine was fast asleep.

Jodie (the name of the hostess) is convinced that her house lives
real devilry, which miraculously managed to capture on
the video below. Coming from the other world for sure
materializes here very often, and what to expect from it
hard to say. Here is what an Englishwoman writes:

At 00:11 notice the left side
screen, then at 00:30 – on the right, where there are flowers on the cabinet. And on
at 01:29 right above me
translucent ball, it can not be overlooked. Also me
it seems that at the very end an angry face appears on the curtain. I
I posted this video on Facebook, and many users wrote in
comments that I have got evil. They say it is
called paranormal orbs that are not spirits of the dead
people, but rather are invisible energy
entities that are sometimes fixed by recording devices, and
the whole planet.

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