The ghost comes down the stairs to the mysteriousvideo

One of the users of the social network “Facebook” published a mysterious
videoзапись, демонстрирующую, предположительно, сверхъестественное

The author of the publication says that the video was received by the camera.
observing outside of his house. On the frames below
you can clearly see the stairs coming down the brick wall
some pale cloud that has vague human outlines.
The recorder spotted him on the night of March 1, at 01:22.

Some Facebook regulars thought it was their fault
an insect or a glare of light in the camera lens. However,
другие комментаторы уверены, что videoрегистратор в самом деле
imprinted a person from the thin world, and in this, they say, there is nothing
surprising. Phantoms, they say, can be observed at many points
планеты, и они постоянно попадают на videoкамеры.

There are some users who have come across something similar,
where the ghosts saw firsthand, so for them the following
videoдокумент не является чем-то запредельно таинственным, и уж тем
more – fake. Such “random encounters” in life – only
more than enough …

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