The ghost drove out of the village onlymen

The small village of Kasiguda in the Indian state of Telingana has befallen
mysterious misfortune. Soon this village may
be completely abandoned, because here in a strange way
умирают и пропадают menы. After 3 mysterious deaths and 4 not
less mysterious disappearances of the stronger sex
it became clear to the villagers that they had a ghost in their community
женщины, ненавидящий men.

Just a few weeks ago, over 60 families lived in Kasigud,
however, now there are only a few people left. All doom and
disappearances occur under unexplained circumstances due to
what the Indians left no doubt that the blame
dark supernatural powers. When the community was embraced
паникой, многие menы побросали свои дома и уехали жить в другие
places. The only inhabitants here were women, however they
fear an embittered spirit that can surely spill over
if desired, and on them.

Maybe the serial killer actually got here? Or local
Did the men simply conspired and decided to run away from their wives?
Indians, by the way, are so superstitious people that even
local police are afraid to enter the village in order not to get there
inadvertently into the paws of the alleged evil ghost or not to lure
him to other villages: suddenly it is something contagious …

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