The ghost flew straight into the camera lensbritish

British Ghostbuster and Explorer
supernatural phenomena Tony Ferguson claims to have received
another proof of the existence of the afterlife.

According to the 33-year-old specialist in this matter, he went
at night in the cemetery near the Church of St. Mary in Hampshire, where he received
below video. The video, presumably, demonstrates
ghost or some other entity from the subtle world that has flown
straight into the camera lens. A translucent whitish object originated in
close to the operator, after which it disappeared or
flew through our hero. Here is what he himself tells

I usually do not survey the cemetery. I do not believe that if in these places
people are buried, then ghosts must be found here. The
However, I was contacted by several people who reported that
here felt negative energy, for example, felt
the presence of strangers next to them who are not really
It was. It cost me to be there, as I also immediately felt it
Something, as if someone or this something did not want my presence on
graveyard I did not suspect that this entity will be fixed
my camera. It seems to me that this is a kind of angry spirit that
thinks that the cemetery belongs to him and he and his like, and
alive, especially after sunset, this is not the place. It was
a strange and rather frightening night for me.

Despite the fact that the British published footage in fact
demonstrates a mysterious moving object, many users
The World Wide Web was not believed to be talking about real
ghosts. According to skeptics, it could be an illuminated web,
cigarette smoke, a bunch of dust or something like that.

True, “Thomas the unbelievers” always say something like that
since the average man in the human mind is easy
finds a rational explanation for anyone, even the most mysterious
a phenomenon — an explanation that surely fits into its framework.
life experience (in the framework of his little prison). Therefore, see
video and draw your own conclusions. Perhaps you will have them
somewhat different than the inveterate skeptics …

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