The ghost hit the surveillance camera inAmerican apartment

The user of the Internet resource “Reddit” under a pseudonym
alexstunter has posted a mysterious ghost video on the site,
recently received by him.

The man says that he lives in the city of Atlanta
Georgia, however often travels to California for work. To be
confident that his apartment is fine, the American has established
it has a modern security system that allows at any time
day remotely monitor the home using a smartphone.

Just a few days ago, our hero spent the night in
California hotel, and on his phone at 3 am unexpectedly
a warning came that the security system caught a suspicious
presence in his apartment city of Atlanta. Man not too
I was surprised by this because the motion sensor sometimes reacts to
insects flying in front of him, car headlights on the walls and
the like. However, when an American looked at the screen
gadget, he realized that in his distant apartment someone is. Author
publications writes:

I do not even know what is worse – a robber or is it terrible
phenomenon. Imagine seeing this at three in the morning and realize:
how nice that you’re at this time hundreds of kilometers from
home with a ghost. I could not fall asleep afterwards, about ten times
looked through the video, all hoping that it was still normal
thief …

The video below shows a semi-transparent whitish
figure appearing on the left side of the frame. For seven minutes she
gently wavers in the air, after which the recording ends.
Some commentators have spotted a skull man in this phantom.
instead of the head, separated from the body. According to alexstunter, he
so scared by his find that he is now afraid to return to
yourself home. Suddenly this blood is a chilling ghost still

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