The ghost hit the surveillance camera inSerbian police station

Serbian journalists told about an intriguing story
occurred the other day in the police station town Trstenik.
Local resident came to the office to complain
law enforcement officers on a strange pursuer. According to the words
women, she walked along a dark street when she noticed that from one
lantern to another right behind her literally jumping bright
humanoid figure. Frightened, Serb went to the guards
of the law.

The police, of course, came to some confusion from
such a statement, however, they compiled a protocol and even
The countrywoman was safely taken home in one of the company cars.
Having then visited the street indicated by the woman, the peace officers would not
noticed there is nothing unusual. However, on this story, to
universal surprise, not over. That night one of the cameras
Observations captured something unusual in that police station.
By including the video below, you can see it in your own

Exactly the same pale anthropomorphic silhouette, as described
frightened Serbian, slipped into an empty corridor, making
zigzag movement between the walls and hiding in the dark.
Did a woman bring this devilry with her to the station?
Trstenik police officers are in no hurry to talk about ghosts and
other immigrants from the subtle world, but the incident clearly puzzled
law enforcement officers. They even thoroughly searched the unit, but did not
found in the knowledge of any traces of the phantom guest.

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