The ghost of 13 years bothers the British

52-year-old Karen Wakefield from Manchester claims her since 2004
Year pestering the spirit of the deceased man named Malcolm. According to
women, a naughty man from the other world breaks pictures,
slam doors, mocks her and even includes
Electric kettle. In the past 13 years, not a day has passed
so that the mischievous ghost doesn’t indicate his presence
Englishwoman’s home.

Phantom managed to capture twice in the photo. The first shot was
made in the spring of 2007, when Karen returned home and
I photographed my own bedroom window from the street. On the image
a creepy human silhouette with a mouth wide open. Second
the frame turned out in the fall of 2013 during the “ghost hunt”,
organized by wakefield in her dwelling. One of the invitees
experts filmed the staircase, which turned out to be a strange black

Briton says she once managed to talk to uninvited
cohabitant with the help of the Ouija Spiritual Board. Spelling and
the tablet numbers, the spirit unexpectedly informed her that it belonged
a man named malcolm who died here in 1858 in
age 57 years old. More housewife could not pull out of stubborn
nothing. Karen claims that today she is not so much afraid
ghosts that are always there because to some extent
got used to him, and considers him a full-fledged member of the family. So,
Wakefield signs a fanta postcard every Christmas. Woman
may even be ironic about his hooligan

I’m talking to Malcolm, and when he starts to lead
bad for myself, demanding that he stop. Most often it helps.
He likes to interact with people – every time to me
Guests come, he carefully puts in the kitchen kettle. He often
grabs me by the clothes, does not allow me to enter this or that room. TO
it is very hard to get used to, but I am doing quite well. I’m sure,
Malcolm will not do me any real harm. He is too kind for
This, although in its 57 years sometimes behaves like

Since this house was built in the 30s of the last century,
Wakefield thinks Malcolm lived in a building that stood in this place.
earlier. The Englishwoman doesn’t know what the ghost needs from her, however
the above paranormal experts
предположили, что TOарен напоминает духу его супругу. Maybe,
phantom in such an unusual way expresses sympathy for the woman. In the end
In the end, ghosts are supposed to be at least playful, unless they are
wish to seem scary …

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