The ghost of a boy under the stairs surprisedthe guards

One of the regulars of the popular foreign social network “Reddit”
claims the surveillance camera at his job captured the ghost
boy materialized under the stairs. Man not only
wrote about it in the “supernatural” section of the site, but also
shared with other users the most mysterious video. By
According to NoTimeAtAll420, he and his colleagues were very surprised and
puzzled by the appearance in the building of a little native of thin
of the world.

Turning on the video below, you can see
mysterious pale silhouette, slowly moving under the stairs. is he
looks like a stereotypical stencil ghost with a long tail
instead of legs, short arms and large head.

Maybe that’s why some commentators thought that
talking about hoaxes. Say, these frames look like pictures from
children’s books. However, the author of the publication claims that
The paranormal video is completely authentic and encourages
experts analyze it for installation. That’s what
tells NoTimeAtAll420:

If you review the recording to the end, you will see
the supposed phantom suddenly flies off to the side with a huge
speed and leaves the field of view of the camera. I and my fellow workers don’t even
know what to think, this is just an amazing thing! Interesting,
that the building where we work is still new, however
two people died, although there were no children among them. Used to be here
there was a post office, however it was demolished and built luxurious
apartment house. We ensure the safety of residents. I
doing bypassing facilities at night. If anything
going beyond the ordinary will happen again here, I will for sure be
the first to witness this. I, к слову, осмотрел тогда под
staircase room, and there it was somehow abnormally cold. Highly
strange …

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