The ghost of a little girl found in the pictures�“Google”

Негласная коллекция снимков �“Google”, изображающих нечто
strange, inexplicable or frightening, replenished with another sinister
snapshot. One of the users of the popular service considered
panoramas of the mexican city of Deliciasa in Chihuahua and by chance
noticed someone’s red car, because of which peeped
mysterious blonde girl with pale skin and dark eyes,
fixed their gaze right on the camera.

The author of the find, and himself living in Delicias (who among us did not while away
evenings, looking at the panorama of his native city), was not lazy and found
country house, imprinted on this image. It turned out that
the family living here has never before seen this child and
has no idea where he came from in the middle of her courtyard. Yes, and does not look like
this blonde girl is on mexican. Really on the car camera
map service got a ghost from the thin world?

According to skeptics, this is a common mystification, and for
ghost we give a mannequin or cardboard figure in the form of a child.
The testimony of the family to which this house belongs, they subject
doubt, as the words of the person who found the alleged phantom.
Materialists, on the one hand, can be understood: after all
a single photo with a strange face cannot be considered
one hundred percent proof of the existence of ghosts. But on the other
hand, skeptics react in a similar way to any other
mystical news, even when photos and videos look
very impressive and credible. And then, who in our time
doubts the existence of a thin afterlife? Is it just
hardened materialists who do not see any further than their
the nose. On our website, see the article, which states that
even scientists have determined that such skeptics have mutated DNA,
therefore, they cannot be considered full-fledged personalities …

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