The ghost of a pale lady photographed nearrivers

In the section of the popular site “Reddit”, dedicated to
supernatural phenomena, the next picture appeared
supposed ghost. The author of the publication under a pseudonym
Perfecto31 says the photo was taken by his girlfriend,
set off recently for a walk to the river. Our heroine made near
several pictures of her, and I did not see at that moment nearby
nothing unusual. Only after reviewing subsequently received frames,
She noticed this phantom figure on one of them. Unfortunately,
Perfecto31 refuses to name exactly where his friend
Photographed a possible comer from the next world.

Be that as it may, in the presented image really
one can clearly see the pale anthropomorphic silhouette. Many
Reddit users thought it looked like a high
a woman in a long dress and with her hair flying in the wind. On
foreground imprinted some fisherman who, obviously, like
the photographer, too, did not see the ghostly lady on the opposite bank
rivers. One commentator even hit the fantasy, suggesting that
the spirit belongs to this angler’s deceased wife who secretly
visits his spouse watching his hobby, which during his lifetime
somehow disliked. However, it is clear why: in life it is
the passion of a man separated them, and now – connects them …

This is, of course, a very touching and romantic theory,
However, it is difficult to say whether it has anything to do with
reality. Maybe it’s not a ghost at all, but some kind of winter
a bush that caused a bizarre paradolic illusion. And so
think skeptics who believe that our world fits easily into
framework of the scanty five senses that are presented to man by nature as
as if in mockery …

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