The ghost of a policeman appeared in the house where hedied

A resident of the American city of Abbeville, South Carolina,
reports that he may have managed to capture a ghost on camera
the late cop. According to the man, he visited several
days ago the local infamous house where the family once lived

December 8, 2003 Arthur and Rita Bixby, as well as their son Stephen
opened fire from their homes on leading negotiations with them
law enforcement officers. As a result of a lengthy shootout, criminals
were disarmed, however they managed to kill two employees
police department.

An American who recently passed near this place
I photographed an abandoned one-story building several times.
Returning from a walk, our hero looked through the resulting pictures and
unexpectedly noticed something strange on one of them. Man not even
immediately believed my eyes.

On the dilapidated veranda of the house, a mysterious smoky appeared
silhouette, soaring above the ground and suspicious like a ghost.
A little thought, the author of the mysterious frame came to the conclusion that
accidentally caught in the lens of his camera a real come from
Sveta. To be more precise, he believes that he took the spirit of one of
стражей закона, diedших здесь полтора десятилетия назад в
the result of a collision with extremists.

Some skeptics on the World Wide Web claim that this
surely no ghost, but a gleam of light or dirt on
camera lens. However, other web users in response to
it is noticed that the anomaly is clearly closed by the green branch
tree, therefore clearly located behind it.

In any case, ghosts often fall into the lenses of photos and
video cameras, why in this case the ghost could not do the same
the most? ..

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