The ghost of a recently deceased dog got onvideo

One of the users of the popular social network “Reddit” laid out in
section of the resource dedicated to supernatural phenomena,
quite unusual and touching material. Publisher
says that recently his favorite dog’s breed died
Russian black terrier. The mistress of this smart pet
very grieved after the death of the pet, however a few days ago
she suddenly realized that her late four-legged friend was probably
still with her.

The fact is that the surveillance camera installed near the house
women captured a strange anomaly suspiciously similar to
ghost black dog. Включив представленную ниже videoзапись, вы
be able to see the mysterious phenomenon with your own eyes. Movie first
demonstrates our heroine’s neighbor, who came to visit her 20
April When a man rang the doorbell, from a stone behind him suddenly
an incomprehensible dark clot, very similar to a dog (by
at least, according to the manner of movement), headed for the guest.

The latter, it turns out, even felt the presence of an invisible
supernatural power, because suddenly it turned into
that moment, as the alleged spirit of the dog ran close to him.
The hostess later showed this mysterious footage to her neighbor, and
the man confirmed that he felt something strange then, as if his
my feet were cold. Well, the woman’s nephew decided to tell this
amazing ghost story
spider webs And I must say, he will present to lovers
supernatural great gift …

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