The ghost of a teenager leaves handprints onwalls

39-year-old Scottish Joan Gallagher is convinced that in her house
the ghost of a teenager dwells. Cobtridge resident in the county
North Lanarkshir claims that he came from the next world left
загадочные отпечатки своих рук на walls внутри ее дома. Everything
It began with the fact that Gallacher spent in his home general
уборку и внезапно заметила на walls в гостиной темные следы
someone’s palms.

It turned out that they were performed with coal soot, as if someone
soiled his hands and then pressed them in many places against the wall. Have
Gallagher has three offspring, but the woman immediately realized that they
have nothing to do with it. Her children are too small and
simply could not reach where those were left
prints. In addition, the sinister marks on the wallpaper appeared then,
when nobody was at home.

Joan was not just puzzled, but really scared
such a boon. The version that someone sneaked into their home,
Scotsman and her husband immediately threw back. First, from home nothing
gone, nothing was broken, moved or broken in it
as often happens with thieves, and secondly, the attackers do not
managed to bypass the modern alarm. In short, our
heroin considered: some devilry was involved here. In connection with
because the woman always believed in the supernatural, she decided
seek help from a psychic.

An authoritative medium who agreed to visit the home of Gallagher,
confirmed the concerns of the Scotch. According to sensitive, lives in the house
the restless spirit of a teenage boy whose name was Benny and who
lived here in the 20s of the last century with his family.
Benny for an unknown reason hanged himself on the stairs, by
which today Joan and her family go every day. Phantom
an infrequent guy because of suicide stuck in this world
staying under the roof of your house – in this case, the home of the family

The mother of the family remembered that lately she had been watching and
other unexplained phenomena in the house. For example, once she
felt in a dream, as she was shaken by the shoulder. Tartan not
opening her eyes, asked her husband to leave her alone and not
interfered with sleep, but the tremors in the shoulder only became stronger. Unexpectedly in
someone quietly entered the room. Frightened, Joan looked up and
I saw her returning from the toilet to her husband, and in bed next to
she was nobody. God, then the woman was frightened, who is me
shook? ..

Another story is related to Aimee’s youngest daughter. A couple of months
back the baby began to cry at night, claiming that in her corner
a boy appears in the room, speaking in a terrible voice. BUT
not long ago, Aimee noticed this “imaginary” child on
above-mentioned stairs and even pointed a finger at him, however
the girl’s parents did not see anyone there. Apparently, no wonder they say that
children are able to contemplate what is inaccessible to the eyes of adults …

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