The ghost of a woman in the park hit the photo

A few days ago, one photographer made a harmless, at first
a look, a photo of a mother with her little daughter in her arms in the park
Guisachan-Heritage in the Canadian city of Kelowna, British Province
Colombia. However, later the author of the snapshot and his client noticed on
The image is something unusual.

In the background among the lush green vegetation seemed
mysterious female figure in white attire. Is it really present
ghost? Canadians speculate. The alleged descendant from that
light, apparently, presses his hands to his chest, radiating at the same time
some strange glow.

When the picture hit the World Wide Web, many
Network users were skeptical. According to
doubters, on the picture – by chance or not – an ordinary one got
statue of Our Lady. However, this turned out to be impossible,
since in Guisachan-Heritage there have never been such sculptures.
Then maybe the photo showed not a ghost, but the image of the
Holy Virgin?

Once this place belonged to the aristocratic family of Aberdeen.
The couple had a daughter who drowned in a pond playing in the park.
They say that since then you can see the ghost of an unhappy
girls. True, does it have anything to do with the recent
An accident with a picture is hard to say.

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