The ghost of a woman on the road scaredmotorcyclist

A mysterious video appeared on the World Wide Web;
which, perhaps, was captured by a descendant from the other world. Reported that
sinister movie was received February 22, 2016, however
he became public only now. Frames were taken
roadside surveillance camera in some Asian country. Despite
the fact that very little is known about what happened, the material quickly
scattered across the web, riveting the attention of thousands of users.

By turning on the entry below, you will see a person riding
on a motorcycle along a dark road. Time, according to the time code
video, one in the morning. A woman appears in front of the driver from nowhere.
white dress and long dark hair. The motorcyclist slows down
and the ghost immediately disappears. An Asian puzzles off her
�”Iron horse” and looked around. Unexpected phantom
reappears a few steps away. Scared man
rushes away, forgetting about his transport of movement.

One can only guess what thoughts were being heard at that moment.
in the head of the poor fellow. He probably first thought that he almost
knocked down a woman on the road, and in the end he had to get away from her,
since the stranger was not a man at all. Some
commentators have suggested that it is a mystification,
however, failed to explain how the alleged actress overnight
disappeared from the roadway and again appeared on it.

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