The ghost of an aggressive child got onvideo?

New Yorker Adam Ellis, who not so long ago became famous in
The Internet is its poltergeist – the ghost of a child named
David, very aggressively opposed to him, continues
publication of mystical materials from his apartment.

This time the man took off with the help of surveillance cameras,
who are “on duty” in his house around the clock, video footage, on
which his cat, either played, or fights with someone invisible.
Another video shows both preoccupied cats
poltergeist american on which again there is something
mystical, for example, a cat jumps supposedly through someone
invisible, then by itself moves the bank.

In addition, Adam wrote on Twitter that his cats are generally
behave very strangely, as if constantly someone or something
watchman. In addition, his mobile phone began to erupt
incomprehensible calls with threats, and call back to these numbers and
ask what kind of pranksters are and where did they get his phone, Ellis
just fails – such subscribers simply do not exist.

Many netizens story with Adam Ellis
interests and at the same time scares what can be understood by the comments
to his materials. Other users of the social network just laugh at everything
by this, considering that the guy is just as funny. For example, by their
Adam’s opinion is this mystical child, about which he is so detailed and
Eloquently told in past notes, must have killed for a long time. BUT
Ellis is alive and well, continuing to compose his interesting
fairy tales.

However, there are many users who are interested.
видеоматериал BUTдама, при этом они не видят ничего удивительного в
tom, the terrible ghost of the child threatened to kill, but has not yet done
of this. He still has plenty of time for this …

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