The ghost of the British lives in Loch Nesssergeant

Not everyone knows that the large Loch Ness in Scotland
is a haven not only for the legendary monster, but also for
призрака одного sergeant, попрощавшегося здесь во время Второй
world war with life. There are many documented
recorded indicators of eyewitnesses who observed here
various paranormals regarding the phantom plane and
the deceased gunner on his board.

In 1976, in the pond, at the depth of 70 meters, the aircraft’s frame was found
fallen here more than 3 decades ago. It turned out to be “Vickers
Wellington “- a twin-engined British bomber, widely
used by the Royal Air Force during
World War II. �Vickers Wellington was the brainchild of an engineer and
the inventor of Barnes Wallace – this specialist created another famous
�”Jumping bomb”, intended to destroy the Nazi
dams in Germany. The British who made such bombings,
were called “dam destroyers”.

Lifting the remains of the plane from the lake

Discovered in Loch Ness, the plane aroused great interest in
numerous aviation experts and military historians, therefore
it was decided to raise the remains of the aircraft from the bottom. First was
An underwater survey was conducted, in which divers from
Edinburgh Heriot-Watt University and the British Royal
fleet. As a result, it was possible to determine that the bomber
really belongs to the Wellington series, and even install it
Production number – 2980.

Nothing mysterious or supernatural in the history of this
the plane was not. At the end of 1939, the Vikkers Wellington took
participated in 1four bombings of the Third Reich, after which the command
translated it into the Scottish town of Lossiemouth. There is an aircraft
used to prepare pilots and military crews for battle.
However, the plane crash turned out to be much more history.
interesting and mysterious.

The official report states that the bomber fell into the lake 31
December 19four0. New Year’s Eve over Loch Ness and his
the surroundings rose strong snowstorm. Flying over
the Monadlia mountain range, the plane began to chatter intensively, and soon
he was having engine problems. Pilot Nigel Elton,
commanded the squadron, ordered the crew to leave the ship immediately. four
man managed to safely jump with parachutes, however
gunner-gunner John Fansome, who was barely 20 years old,
died tragically: his parachute caught on the wing of the plane.

During the evacuation pilots Elton and Slater to the last
kept control of the bomber. Struggling in the twilight with
snowfall and hurricane wind, the pilots, oddly enough, have managed
put the “Vikkers Wellington” on the lake near the castle of Arkart and
escape on an inflatable boat. The plane went under water whole and
almost unscathed. The pilots reached the shore and stopped at
the road is a truck that took them to the nearest port.

Only in September 1985 was it possible with great effort to extract from
water the bulk of the rusted bomber hull, while
searches for its fragments continued until 1986. Turning on
the video below, you can watch the British
documentary on raising the ship from the bottom of Loch Ness.
The remains of the aircraft were restored and placed in the hangar
Brookland Aviation Museum, where they are today.

Amazing mysticism of a bomber crashing into Loch Ness

We now turn to the most mysterious part of this story. Skeleton
the aircraft discovered in 1976, and finally identify
�”Vickers Wellington” with serial number 2980 succeeded only in 1979
year However, in 1978, the team of submariners dropped
here to a depth of 70 meters with the advanced electronics at that time
in order to identify the plane, but got a clear image
sunken bomber … with a ghostly human figure
inside in military uniform since the Second World War. Divers were
so scared of their discovery that they immediately rushed to climb

Could this have been the undeviating spirit of John Fansome, alarmed
expedition divers? Paranormal Specialists
claim that it is quite possible. Останки молодого sergeant,
who was an exemplary Christian, was never found, therefore, rather
of all, they are still somewhere under water, no one

In the same year, another mystical incident connected with
призраком sergeant в озере Лох-Несс. This story is a local resident
Peter Smithson told the English supernatural researcher
apparitions of Bruce Halpenny. According to Smithson, in the early morning he
walking near the lake and saw a man in military uniform
coming out of the water to the shore and pulling a parachute. Eyewitness
suggested that there was some kind of accident, and the military need
help. The Scotsman already wanted to call out a stranger, but, a little
approaching him, noticed that the man was dressed in outdated
clothes forties yo Suddenly the sergeant looked at Peter
somehow empty lifeless eyes, turned, pointed to the water
and at the same moment dissolved in the air.

Similar oddities continue here to this day. So,
In spring 2011, an elderly couple from Inverness set off
fishing on loch ness. Husband and wife sailed in a rowing boat
a quarter of a kilometer and abandoned fishing rods. Not half an hour passed, as
from above came the approaching roar of the engine, then into the water
nearby something heavy and invisible struck. The waves rose, and
spouses’ boat almost turned over. Recovering from shock and glancing
into the water, our heroes saw in it the vague outlines of a huge
aircraft leaving the depth. Subsequently, they found out in
The Internet, that it was “Vikkers Wellington.”

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