The ghost of the child hit the video

British research team of supernatural phenomena
�”Soul Reaper Paranormal” managed to capture the spirit of the child on video.
At least, so say the members of this community, now
many years engaged in ghost hunting. Kyle Thompson, Mark
Gallagher and Mark Vernon say that this is one of the most
impressive and significant evidence of the existence of the afterlife
the lives they ever received.

By turning on the entry below, you can see
incomprehensible translucent figure oscillating in a dark corridor
a certain building. The authors of the video made out on the mysterious frames
silhouette of a small child. Unfortunately, experts refuse
call the place where they met the alleged descendant from that
Sveta. According to the British, here it can be dangerous in terms of
paranormal, and our heroes do not want to inexperienced hunters
the ghosts put themselves at risk within these walls. It is known only
the fact that it is an abandoned building where many live

Can this material convince burned skeptics,
proving to them that ghosts really exist? Unlikely.
Materialists have a common joke that ghosts
constantly seen and told eerie stories about them until
until the camera was invented – and the ghosts immediately disappeared.
However, as soon as a computer and a photoshop program appeared, the ghosts
somehow returned to our lives. So skeptics are convinced
that any ghost record can be faked in modern
editors. However, what’s the point of this for the mystifiers, say
nobody can. Maybe a commonplace desire to become famous?

However, it is not clear why then there are hunters
haunted? Are they all primitive hoaxers? And
some of them have been involved in this business for many years, and there are also such
– all life. The question is – why? To entertain someone on
open spaces of the Internet? Something does not believe in such nonsense …

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