The ghost of the child slipped into the darkthe bedroom

One of the users of the popular English-speaking social network “Reddit”
shared unusual material with other resource regulars. By
словам мужчины, он и его жена установили недавно в своей the bedroom
video camera to keep track of the dogs.

Spouses are convinced that their pets enter the room and play pranks
in the absence of the hosts. However, what is imprinted on camera
recording device, made an unknown couple think about
calling a priest or even changing your home.

The author of the publication posted a 10-second video on the site,
showing probably a frightening supernatural phenomenon. AT
the very beginning of the recording between the window with the curtains drawn and the bed
a mysterious object rushes rapidly, suspiciously similar to
small child.

Of course, the owners of the house immediately thought that they
a real ghost started. Alleged foreigner
moved unnaturally fast because locked on
the frames below are not very clear.

ATидео оказалось весьма популярно среди завсегдатаев «Reddit» и
collected a great many responses. Most commentators
agreed that something unusual got into the camera lens
amenable to rational explanation.

This is a child running past the camera. Alive or dead
I have no idea – writes one

Byхоже, оно не отбрасывает тени, в отличие, например,
from the table to the right. Very strange. I even feel a little uncomfortable
recognizes another.

It literally slides on the floor or air, and does not run
or goes fast. By-моему, это чертовски жутко, — сообщает

This is not an insect that flew near the lens. Figure
clearly obscured by the bed, – notes the fourth.

And why call a priest and even more so to change
housing for the occasion, – some users are surprised, – if
install a video camera in any house, then eventually
catch something like that. Ghosts are everywhere, and until they
They go into the category of aggressive poltergeist, there is nothing in them
dangerous …

One commentator even made an animation based on the video, on
which the alleged phantom is visible much clearer.

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