The ghost of the child throws a ball from the stairssinister video

A group of researchers paranormalschiny “Phantoms Paranormal” from
UK claims to be lucky
capture on video the prank of the unseen ghost of a child. Little
poltergeist, according to experts, pushed the toy from the stairs

This happened in early February of this year. British
visited one of the haunted houses in the English town
Wombwelle County South Yorkshire and confronted there with the mysterious
supernatural power. Fortunately, experts easily captured
what happened on camera. By including the video below, you
you can see it with your own eyes.

The participants of “Phantoms Paranormal” say that they were asked to
investigating the home owners themselves, frightened by inexplicable phenomena
in his abode. The family living here for more than four
years, has repeatedly noticed in these walls a ghostly woman and
boy At night, quiet footsteps and sighs are heard in the house, and objects
tend to spontaneously move and fall to the floor, as if
In the house, in fact, there is still someone invisible.

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