The ghost opens the windows in the old at nightthe cottage

62-year-old Andrew Ward, who lives in the English village of Melbourne on
East of Cambridgeshire, claims he managed to photograph
On video a supernatural phenomenon in his house. Briton unwittingly
turned into a ghost hunter after the invisible
Coming from the next world began to constantly open the locked window in
bedroom on the second floor. Such excesses continue for many

Tricks of the night guest

An old cottage that Andrew has owned since the eighties
last century, was built more than four centuries ago, and a man
convinced that the mysterious poltergeist are the spirit of one of
numerous former owners of this property. Maybe here
once lived an individual who had the habit of opening before
sleep window in his room, and because such a tradition inherited
a phantom of this unknown person?

To prove to others about his case, Ward recently established
opposite the camcorder window. The Englishman admits that not particularly
hoped to capture on the video the activities of the phantom violator
calm, however, to his great surprise, undesirable
roommate really began to host that night in the bedroom.
The frightening shots below demonstrate how metallic
the window retainer rises and is thrown aside without anyone
aid, after which the sash with heavy frames spontaneously
are opening up.

Empathy ghost

Homeowner says:

This is definitely a ghost, I do not have any
doubt. Я прекрасно знал, что оно обитает в моем the cottage, и
decided to prove his existence. Awful thing turned out, I will say
me to you Two nights before this, the poltergeist didn’t show himself
however, as soon as I set up the camera, he performed his “ritual”,
as if deliberately demonstrated. I did not even suspect that in one
from nights I would expect such luck. Maybe he wants some
fame? When I go to bed, every time I close the window. Summer
the tricks of the spirit are not so terrible for me, but in the colder season
I have to wake up at night and “fight the window”, that is, with

In rare cases, this invisible power opens a window on
several times a night. Then you just have to wrap more tightly
in a woolen blanket and sleep like that, because running around
night to close the window no strength. My friends say they could not
live in such a house and even more so relax in the bedroom where
disgraceful ghost. They advise me to put a crucifix on the window
or splash it with holy water, but for some reason I don’t want it
do. Whenever I see a window open, I have
there is some kind of pinching feeling as if for my invisible
A roommate is the only way to interact with the world of the living. AND
I really feel sorry for him.

The reputation of the cottage was famous before

It is noteworthy that this old cottage has long deserved
Melbourne’s reputation for being strange and not very suitable for
quiet life. Andrew Ward even remembers a couple of curious
incidents with former owners. For example, in the 1960s
here lived a man who unexpectedly sold the house at a small price
and moved to another, less luxurious cottage. The deal was absolutely
unfavorable for him, and many suspect that the man drove out of
home some devilry.

And in the 1970s, a couple lived here who claimed that
the nearby old church lit up at night. No one,
except the spouses, did not see this and did not believe them, until one day to the family
did not come late at night neighbor. Looking out of the window, he
suddenly saw that from this angle the church really
emits a mysterious glow in the dark. Perhaps all the fault
there was a moon whose light reflected off the religious stone walls
structures, and perhaps – something completely different, not amenable
rational explanation.

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