The ghost was photographed againstthe old building of Tintern Abbey

A British woman named Rosie Boulton, in her 19 years, already has a considerable
Experience in the study of paranormal phenomena. Her latest “achievement”
became a unique snapshot of the ghost, which she “accidentally”
photographed against the background of the ancient building of Tintern

Specify that this building was erected at the beginning of the XII century, in
from time to time he was sung in his verse by the English poet William
Wordsworth. True, at present only
dark ruins, attracting in Wales unless lovers of antiquity
yes ghost hunters, among whom was Rosie Boulton,
who went to the local church (certainly at night) with a view
get paranormal content. And she is in full
least succeeded.

According to the publication Mirror, the girl, removing the old church,
did not seem to notice anything special, although she came here specifically
attracted by the mysteries of the other world. And at some point her
Suddenly animal fear. Rosie later admits to journalists
that she could barely restrain herself at that moment in order not to rush off
all legs. However, the courageous ghost hunter
took a few pictures and only after that left

At home, she immediately looked at the photos and – here she is,
real luck! On one and photos clearly ghost
– translucent figure, very reminiscent of a man in a monastic
dress, that is, in a black cape with a hood.

It’s not my first year, explains Rosie, traveling the country from
one of the old sights to another, taking them off
certainly at night – hoping to catch at least one lens
ghost. And finally, I managed to do it.

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