The ghostly face seemed in an unexpected place.on a woman’s selfie

The user of the popular social network “Reddit” under a pseudonym
CapRedd says that she encountered an inexplicable phenomenon
presumably of a supernatural nature. According to the woman, she
was in the car with her daughter and made a private, on
first glance, selfies – just as they say, usually and already
long accustomed to.

Having photographed herself and the baby, our heroine safely forgot
about it. However, a couple of days later, the mother looked through
own pictures on a mobile phone and suddenly noticed
something weird in this image. Now the user
sincerely believes that removed the most real paranormal.

The fact is that the glass sunglasses that were
put on our heroine while getting herself, it seemed
reflection of an unfamiliar woman. CapRedd swears what this one did
the picture itself, and apart from her and the girl in the car there was no one.
There were no strangers near the car at that time either: she’s
I remembered well, because I chose such an udana

But who then could be there? Who owns this sinister
face? According to the author of the mysterious self, she fixed at
smartphone help is the real ghost that was invisible
for human eyes, however, could appear in reflective
surfaces of the glasses and imprinted on the camera.

Many hardened skeptics at Reddit felt that this
pareidolic illusion, albeit quite bizarre, “one on
million”. Other doubters are sure that CapRedd is simply introducing
we were deceived, and at that moment she was still with her
some kind of relative or girlfriend.

But there are quite a few on the Reddit social network and those who believed the woman. how
It appears from comments, as a rule, in any devilry and
paranormalism believe those who have come across it. And such people
lots of. This is understandable, since the section of the paranormal
resource is so hugely popular. More surprising:
What do skeptics who do not believe in it? Exercise in
wit and demonstrate their materialistic world views?
Since the latter have long been recognized as primitive, due to
the transition period of a rational person to a spiritual person …

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