The ghosts of the brothers appeared near the medievalthe castle

A group of teenagers from the English city of Plymouth states that
she managed to photograph the ghosts of two brothers, once
jumping from one of the most densely populated unclean castles
United Kingdom. It is about the castle “Berry-Pomeroy”
near the eponymous village in the county of Devon. Six friends
visited this place a few days ago at night to
take a photo of the landmark of old England and tickle
a little nerves.

Young people did not even know that they were lucky
meet there with paranormal. At least now the authors
the picture below is sure that it was something
amenable to rational explanation. Teens say that in
a certain moment saw in the dark a mysterious luminous haze,
and a girl named Chloe captured her on the smartphone’s camera. AT
the result is a frame with a blurry silhouette, remotely
resembling two riders.

It was then that the young British and remembered the old legend of the two
brothers-knights, who jumped on horseback to the ramparts
�”Berry-Pomeroy”, left their loyal racers there and jumped
down, crashing to death. Someone says the brothers were in love
into the same woman and went to suicide, not wanting to torture
each other, nor her. ATторая версия гласит, что рыцари были загнаны
the enemies trapped and chose death over captivity.

One way or another, many eyewitnesses claim to have noticed
возле the castle призрачные силуэты двух мужчин на лошадях и даже
heard their woeful cries. Did these phantoms get in the photo,
made by chloe? True, no screams and even moans teenagers in
that mysterious night was not heard …

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