The giant hands of God in the sky fell onvideo

Удивительное video, демонстрирующее, предположительно,
the gigantic hands of the Lord God himself in the sky, got into the World
web, instantly riveted the attention of millions of users
Network. Mysterious video was filmed by a certain passenger from the window

It is known that the action took place in the Australian city of Mackay
State of Queensland. As you might expect, on the Internet instantly
violent disputes broke out over the nature of this
a phenomenon.

Включив представленную ниже videoзапись, вы сможете увидеть, как
in the thunderstorm clouds, two gigantic hands rise above the horizon,
as if covering an invisible ball. Contrast between lit
dear and gloomy sky with inhuman tassels creates truly
ominous impression. Did the Creator himself appear to the Australians
in the sky? Or is it the antics of an extraterrestrial civilization? BUT
maybe it’s about a huge ghost? Where do we live?
know which immigrants from the other world can exist and which
not? The theory of intelligent clouds deserves attention, according to
which such “heavenly tricks” may well be some
signs giving us this ghostly civilization. Unfortunately,
No answers yet – there are only a lot of questions. Even famous
researchers paranormalschiny not in a hurry to do any

While many web users really believed in
that it is a religious sign or other supernatural phenomenon,
there were also a lot of doubters with their versions
what happened. Some skeptics think it’s bizarre.
optical illusion in the clouds. For others, we have –
high-quality installation. Still others are convinced that in the window
the machines are simply reflected by the hands of the operator with the phone in them. As if
то ни было, videoзапись продолжает распространяться по Интернету,
gathering thousands of enthusiastic and not very flattering ones towards
to the author of comments.

And no one knows for sure – what is it really ?!

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