The girl captured the demon from the citylegends

21-year-old intern Sarah Winn from the English city of Sheffield
claims to have photographed during a recent local
floods are something startling and frightening. The girl tells
that came out after a heavy shower outside to take pictures on camera
flooded streets when in her direction because of a nearby tree
suddenly rushed incomprehensible humanoid creature with a pink

Shocked British mechanically photographed creature one
times before she was out of sight again. Alas, the mysterious creation
imprinted in the picture below is not fully. None
less, the photo still clearly shows the outlines
some naked anthropomorphic creature. But what could it be?
Winn turned to her compatriots on the Web for help, and they unexpectedly found
what happened possible explanation.

It turns out that among the residents of Sheffield is widely known “terrible”
urban legend of a demon named Amber.

Believed to have been once very cruel and influential
a man who once wished to kill his own family and set fire
her in a family mansion. Ironically, the tyrant households
escaped from fire, not injured at all, but Amber himself was burned
alive A man has long been closed the way to heaven, so his spirit,
they say that after death they turned it into a nasty charred essence and
left to wander around the city until the end of centuries.

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