The girl captured the mysterious phenomenon onLoch Ness

8-year-old schoolgirl Laria Annand and her grandmother Marie visited
recently known scottish loch ness lake. When they
walking along the shore of the reservoir, the girl suddenly noticed
some kind of suspicious movement in the water. Remembering the stories about
the mythical Loch Ness monster, our heroine got her phone
and began to shoot what is happening on video. By including submitted
below the movie, you can see what really saw
little girl.

Mysterious shots show clear movement on the surface.
lakes On the water strange lights come on and noticeably walking waves,
which seem to move away from some large object. Lariya and Marie
claim that there were no boats and boats nearby
could create a similar excitement of water. Even assuming
that the mysterious glow is just the gleam of the sun on
the surface of the lake is still not clear where in this place
took the waves and splashes.

And although the video actually shows something unusual and
strange on the surface of the legendary lake, it’s hard to say that in
reality at that moment was happening there. Some
Internet users have suggested that this is just
algae or shoals of small fish playing in the sun. In this case
there could also be water disturbance, which the girl and her grandmother
taken for the alleged monster.

Scientists decided to explore Loch Ness to put all
points over “i”

Meanwhile, scientists have reported that they are preparing for the next
expedition in search of the legendary Nessie. Now international
a group of experts intends to take water samples from the lake in which
may be the DNA of the lake miracle. Researchers will collect for
analysis of over 300 samples from different parts of the Loch Ness pond
different depths. This technique is widely used to monitor
whales, sharks and other inhabitants of the underwater world. If famous
the cryptide is actually found here, it must be left in the water
microscopic particles of scales, skin and excrement. And they
allow experts to decipher the genome of the monster. By the end of the year, as
experts say you can wait for the results of this

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