The girl received an impressive photo of Loch Nessmonsters

12-year-old English schoolgirl Charlotte Robinson from Leeds
recently visited with relatives the famous Scottish lake
Loch Ness, where she received a very curious snapshot. Teenage girl
I took a photograph many times that day and at one of the
the received frames were suddenly impressed by something suspiciously
resembling a dark head on a long neck. Our heroine hurried
show the received frame to father and mother.

Her parents, Kat and Dave, later told reporters,
that they have been visiting Loch Ness annually for the past 16 years, however
they themselves have never met anything like this here. Robinsons
sent the image to the Official register of Loch Ness
monster. Registry Head Gary Campbell and his colleagues carefully
analyzed the snapshot, resulting in the conclusion that
Photo is genuine. Moreover, the experts considered
Charlotte’s frame one of the most reliable and impressive
evidence of the existence of the famous Nessie. Campbell

The Loch Ness monster has been known since the days of Roman legionnaires,
Celtic spaces mastered at the dawn of the Christian era. Already
began to appear messages about a huge monster with a long neck,
dwelling in Loch Ness. Nowadays, thanks to modern
technologies, Nessie sometimes manages to capture photos and videos.
The shot taken by Miss Robinson turned out to be a real gem.
among such frames. Undoubtedly, it will be an honorable addition to
Our collection of materials depicting Nessie. This is a big
event for our organization.

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