The grave of a stranger in the cemetery in Aurora,Texas

Half a century before the legendary Roswell crash
�”Flying saucer” happened, as it is believed, in the town of Aurora State
Texas. The amazing incident took place here on April 17, 1897.
of the year.

Eyewitnesses said that in a windmill of one of
farmers ran into an unidentified flying object that led to his
falling to the ground. Affected townspeople approached the wreckage
fantastic aircraft and saw among them
deformed body of a low gray humanoid. Having conferred
devout Americans decided to bury the stranger on Christian
rite at a local cemetery.

Fragments of the “flying saucer” dropped into the nearest well, with
time mysteriously disappeared, but the tomb of the incomprehensible
the creatures, to the surprise of tourists, are still in the churchyard
Aurora. On the shapeless gravestone depicted schematic
flying saucer with three portholes. Who is the author of this
unique works – one of the witnesses of the collapse of a UFO or
any later enthusiast – nobody knows. So or
otherwise, the alien’s alleged grave has long been a place
pilgrimage ufologists, avid for unusual sights
travelers and simple curious. Besides, if you believe
urban legend, the grave is endowed with anomalous properties.

So, grass, trees and shrubs within a few meters
around her grow with triple speed, and this is a proven fact.
It is alleged that in this place sometimes start for a while
Levitate stones, sand, twigs, leaves and grains of soil. Besides
Moreover, at night over the grave allegedly often appears bluish
a glow that hangs briefly above the ground,
then blown up. They say that it is the relatives of the deceased
Representative of an extraterrestrial civilization visit the place of his burial.
But among the townspeople and visitors a good omen is the offering,
in the form of coins that they leave on the mysterious grave
the stove.

The tombstone has been repeatedly stolen. When did this happen at first
Once, the locals were very upset when they considered that some
villain took the most valuable ufologic relic and
sight of their city as a souvenir. However,
soon the stone returned to its place as if nothing had happened.
The mysterious disappearances of the tombstone continue to this day, and
every time the stove invariably comes back. Why such
happens, no one knows, but faith in the wonders of the grave and the very
gravestones thanks to this only intensifies.

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