The gray alien looked into the family house at night andhit the video

Presented below the record managed to make some noise on
foreign sites dedicated to ufology and supernatural
phenomena. Mysterious video shows a little girl
dancing in the evening in the living room. Parents babies who shot this
the touching scene was not even suspected that the camera lens
something ominous and potentially hostile. Now family
seriously afraid for their safety.

Behind the little heroine of the roller is a glass back
door of the house, which reflects the room. However, closer to
the end of the recording, if you look more closely, you will notice
as the outside is almost close to the door something is approaching
suspiciously similar to the head of a gray humanoid creature.
The alleged “non-human” twice looks inside, after which
The mysterious video, alas, ends.

A married couple who received a frightening movie claims that they don’t
I saw and did not hear anything unusual during the shooting. Only
after reviewing these frames on the computer screen, the father
family suddenly saw behind her daughter a terrible anthropomorphic
face. Having made such an unpleasant discovery, the owners decided
put the material on the World Wide Web and ask the users
Network advice on how to proceed in this situation.

Many commentators suggest that the family looked into the home
at night one of the gray aliens whose presence on Earth
known since the 50s of the last century. Internet regulars,
Those who came to this conclusion recommended the family to move as soon as possible.
to another house. As for skeptics, according to their opinion, this
was any masked man or just freaky
pareidolic illusion caused by a blurred reflection of something in

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