The great prophet – Johann from Jerusalem

Prophecies, even the greatest and most revered oracles, although
come true very rarely, but are constantly in sight
journalists who are always looking for among these predictions
– unmistakable. And those predictions that turned out to be false, like
usually hurriedly forgotten …

But after all, journalists are not just trying so hard, they know perfectly well
that this topic is always popular, constantly worries people who are so
They want to “see” the future. At least get something out of it, at least
some information …

The name of the great prophet, Johann of Jerusalem, is known not only
sorcerers and magicians, soothsayers and seers, but even scientists,
since the work of this extraordinary person “Secret Prophecies”,
written by him in the 12th century AD, represents first of all
historical value and only in the second – predictive (well,
This is someone like, of course).

Johann’s last refuge was Jerusalem, where he was not only
completed (rewriting several times) his prophetic treatise, but also
died at the age of 77 years. Before this, the prophet is part of his
the manuscripts gave the master the order of the Knights Templar, and planned the rest
to give to the other wise men of their time. Many believe
the researchers, Nostradamus knew this source well and
used it.

The fate of all the documents of this great work is unknown, many
the pages of the manuscript just disappeared without a trace, others periodically
surfaced in various places and corners of the world. For example, holy
Bernard part of the “Secret Prophecies” allegedly brought to the Vatican, and
The last rarity, according to legend, was taken by the Nazis from
Poland and for a long time kept in Hitler’s bunker. There was this work
the KGB of the Soviet Union is also available, after the collapse of which these
information leaked to the Internet.

It is believed that Johann from Jerusalem received his prophecies.
directly from the Creator, why they were accurate and embraced a large
period right up to our time. That is, relying on the “Secret
Prophecies “, it is possible not only to trace how far this scientist and
the seer accurately predicted events to follow after his age, but
and find out what awaits us in the near future.

So, the prophet from Jerusalem not only foresaw such a great
an event like the discovery of America at the end of the 15th century, but also totalitarian
regimes without faith XX century, the terrorism of our time and much
another. For example, he predicted that people would begin to explore the depths
seas and heavens and at the same time mentioned AIDS, the spread of
in our century of trafficking in human organs. Technical progress,
warned Johann, destroy nature and lead to great
problems for humanity. To the most dangerous consequences of such
�”Progress” the seer attributed, for example, cloning and all other
experiments of geneticists.

Finally, it will all end in devastating wars, he wrote,
which will return the era of the barbarians to Earth. However, in the future, people
will change dramatically, becoming real demigods, creating on Earth
a society that knows neither diseases nor vices. And yourself
these demigods will fly, move in space, communicate
telepathically and live practically forever, keeping in mind everything
the events of his life to the smallest details. It will be spiritual
the age of our planet …

Those users of the World Wide Web who so want
exclaim: “we will not live to see this”, we recommend
get acquainted with the theory of reincarnation, which is easy and simple
explains many confusing questions of our being, for example, why
God is so unjust, why alone are born rich, healthy and
happy and others poor, sick and miserable, and
Finally, is it worth worrying about the fact that our century on Earth is so
is short? True, in the light of this knowledge and prediction of the future,
so important, especially considering that our souls are reborn
only on Earth, but also on other planets …

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