The guard captured the anomaly in the houseelderly

Ночной охранник в одном из домов elderly Чикаго наконец-то
received proof that the place of his service is found by the
real devilry. For over half a year, Jay Brown has noticed
here there are various anomalies and hears strange sounds, however
relatives and friends of men, learning from him about another
poltergeist trick, just chuckle. Last week
the American unexpectedly managed to capture one of these phenomena
on video using a local surveillance camera.

By including the following entry, you can see our
hero sitting at a table in the reception. Take a closer look, and
you will notice some mysterious pale haze moving along the floor in
side of the entrance door. Skeptics will probably immediately say that
talking about an insect crawling on a camera lens, or flying
before him a speck of dust. However, this time the doubters will
totally wrong. Jay himself noticed then paranormal.

The video demonstrates how the guard, having clearly seen the anomaly,
puzzled up from his chair and points to the intended
Drumming hand. That same night, the American checked the camera recording.
observations and made sure that the “living clot of fog” clearly
imprinted recording device. According to Brown, he is now
intends to show these shots to the authorities. Although it is possible that
администрация дома elderly уже успела увидеть нашумевшее видео
on the web, because the guard immediately introduced him to a huge
Internet audience …

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