The guard encountered paranormal activityin the locker room of an empty stadium

Night guard Raul Arguello, working on a football
stadium “Thomas Adolfo Duco” in the Argentine capital, told about
mysterious incident that happened to him not so long ago. AT
подтверждение своих слов мужчина выложил во ATсемирную паутину
video showing supposedly paranormal
activity in the empty locker room. The material immediately caught the attention
researchers of the supernatural and ordinary users of the Web,
eager for mysticism and other unexplained phenomena.

Raul admits that he has always experienced strange things in this place.
discomfort and fear, as if in the dark appear here
some invisible observers. You turn around – but nobody is there, though
someone was clearly behind your back …

According to Arguello, that night he first heard a loud knock,
coming from the basement. Surprised guard descended
down and suddenly saw that the door leading to the locker room
spontaneously opens and closes! There is an Argentine,
Of course, I realized that I had encountered a real poltergeist.
However, on duty, our hero could not just take
run away, although he really wanted to do just that. To the responsible person
the guard had to go into the locker room in order to find out who
It is disgraceful here at such a time: anything can happen, suddenly someone
from outsiders climbed into the room.

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