The higher in the sky – the clearer the consciousness

There is an interesting hypothesis that humanity “was lowered on
the earth “some evil forces of the alien plan, setting over
planet special screen. And this energy barrier deprives
now human consciousness, on the one hand, is due to information
field of the universe, closing the true information, and on the other –
direct communication with the Creator.

After establishing such a screen, people were offered
all sorts of religions and services of priests who are actually
fought only for one thing – to keep humanity in the dark
knowledge and create on Earth all kinds of suffering and bloodshed,
since these non-humanoid aliens feed on just dirty
the energy of suffering. From here all these wars, revolutions, prisons, tortures
and concentration camps, but even in peaceful life – crises, poverty, hunger and so
Further. Hence the struggle with all dissent, especially with magic and
witchcraft, because the consciousness of such initiates broke through
energy blockade thanks to a unique talent
what they might know about the established order of truth. Therefore, in
The medieval witches were burned at the stake, not because they conjured
and treated, but because they knew too much. Nowadays such
personalities often disappear without a trace …

This is why people climbing the mountains say that
altitude brightens the mind (blocking the energy screen
weakens, it is designed for a certain height range). Here is
why Buddhist temples were always built high in the mountains (closer to
God, and, it would seem, where does the height above the sea surface for
The Most High). Here is почему астронавты, побывавшие в космосе,
on the one hand, they become, as it were, initiated into the mystery of being, and with
the other is immediately classified individuals (under
cap). As you know, no one will ever release
mankind from the earth, for that you first need to throw off the burden
tyranny and then destroy this energy screen which we
covered up as blind kittens.

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