The highest sand castle built inGermany

It was erected in the German city of Duisburg, the sand castle rose
to a height of almost seventeen meters, which became a world record and
already reflected in the Guinness Book of Records.

Note that the previous record belonged to the Indian city of Pure,
however, that sand castle was 1.8 meters below the current

The castle was built by an international group of ten sculptors
nationalities, so it is not surprising that all this is reflected in its
amazing facade where you can see the sights from
all over the world.

Built a unique castle for almost three weeks, on its construction
three and a half thousand tons of sand were spent, and
unusual, special quartz – very small and

It is worth mentioning that in the city of Duisburg already tried to establish
record in the art construction of the sand, but that time
the brainchild of sculptors just fell apart – somewhere in the middle of it

A new sand castle, almost a five-story building in height, will stand
in Duisburg until September 24th. Today it is a unique sculptural
the creation attracts many tourists who are taken home to
Memory snapshots and videos against the background of this short-term masterpiece.

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