The hunting camera in Canada captures the weirdcreatures

Back in late August, a hunting chamber installed in a deserted
Saskatchewan Canadian provinces captured strange
creatures. American explorer Lon Strickler laid out the other day
all this “wealth” on the Internet in order to attract attention
users: maybe someone will be able to determine what it is?

According to him, he had seen everything in photos and videos: and
гномов, и фей, больших и малых фантастических creatures, непризнанных
science, which is being studied by cryptozoologists, and in all seriousness,
because such animals (or even humanoids) are found throughout
Earth, and from this you can not just dismiss.

And yet, in this case, Strykler is perplexed: what is
is it imprinted on the pictures of the hunting camera? One (the most
large) the object is somewhat like a flying squirrel or bat,
however, biologists immediately rejected this assumption, since none
none of the others have wings of this shape, and the tail is too
frilly. То есть таких форм в природе просто не creaturesует.

On the right in the photo you can see something like a large
insect, and under the “flying squirrel” are seen two more
mysterious object: a ball and something elongated. Flying cryptids,
writes Lon Strickler, whom he studied a great many, of course
can take the most fantastic forms – it is generally
сказочные creaturesа в понимании простого человека. And yet,
The scientist has not yet come across such forms.

Or maybe it’s just the wind picked up the leaves and other husks in
air, some Internet users suggested? Scientist with
this categorically disagree, in his conviction, based on
experience learning a lot of shots, strong wind is easy
traced in the photo, it is not here and in trace, caught by the camera
creaturesа явно живые, вот только не понятно, кто или что это…

It seems that this is another mystery, almost insoluble for
us, like riddles with little fairies fluttering on flowers
(see the video below), as with the gnomes appearing here and there
там… Сама форма данных creatures, конечно, необычная, но разве к
cryptidae apply such a thing as “normal”? ..

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