The Internet has stirred live black slime,caught on video

The Internet has stirred a nauseous video depicting a huge
a creature crawling out of the closet of an ordinary Malaysian family.
World Wide Web users suggest that this monster,
similar to a multimeter black slug, was born in a sewer and
fed on the products of human life, but now
unexpectedly wished, to the indescribable horror of the house owners, to get on

�”Marsh Monster,” as Western journalists christened it, was
recorded by the father of the family on the camera mobile phone. 25 year old
Zul Khanif Anip says, that he and his spouse Putray were
in my bedroom when we heard the strange squishy sounds from
side of the restroom. The man cautiously approached the bathroom and saw
disgusting picture: a long slippery creature with a small head
and with a thick body got out of the toilet and crawled across the floor to the apartment.
She did not look like a snake and looked more like a giant worm.
or slug.

Zul Hanif Anip reports:

We were very scared. It came out of the toilet. I think,
this creature grew up in a sewer and was forced to climb up,
when it ceased to fit in the pipes. I do not know what it is. Houses
was our child, and we were very scared for him. I do not think that
this creature was carnivorous, but it could certainly bite or
somehow still hurt a person. Infecting, finally …

According to Zul and Puteri, they managed to catch a monster in a bag
with the help of improvised means, and then thrown him into the nearest
the river.

Internet users are at a loss. Many, however, expressed
indignation at the fact that this mysterious Malaysian monster
семья выбросила в the river. Imagine writing one and users that you
bathe, when suddenly something slippery and grabs you by the leg …
it’s hard to imagine what it will do to you. Horror! It was necessary to
destroy this slug, burn, for example, or at least give it to
research by scientists …

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