The islands of Tuvalu grow with the increasesea ​​level

Among scientists there is a perception that one of the serious consequences
global warming will be flooding land parts in mind
sea ​​level. And among the first, they say, will suffer from this
Pacific Islands.

For example, the leadership of the state of Tuvalu, located on
the same name of the Polynesian Islands, a few years ago the beginning
prepare for the resettlement of people in Australia and New Zealand
(Watch the video), because it is in this area of ​​the Pacific
the water level rises all more intensely – at a speed of almost 4
millimeter per year.

However, New Zealand University Auckland scientists are not so
long ago conducted a large-scale study using analysis
changes in the sea level and reef islands of Tuvalu (based on
satellite maps) and came to a surprising conclusion: as
sea ​​level rise polynesian islands not only not
decrease, but mainly increase in size. That is, they
grow as if trying to break free from the influence of
water level.

According to scientists who were published in a scientific journal
Nature Communications, for almost 45 years, which researchers
managed to cover in their analysis the area of ​​hundred reef islands
Tuvalu for the most part has increased – by 74 hectares in general, and
only 26 percent of the islands are slightly smaller.

Scientists have put forward several theories of the growth of the Polynesian islands,
among which the most likely seems such a biophysical
factor like raising the shoreline of reefs due to surf and

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