The ISS astronaut blocked the camera lens with his hand,which “caught” a UFO

World ufologists continuously monitor the live broadcast from
International Space Station in the hope that the lens
the webcam will hit another unidentified flying object or
any other anomaly. And now UFO hunters announced a new
a little sensation. According to experts, in sight
the recording device on the ISS turned out to be bright
plate”. However, immediately after that something happened
unexpected. An astronaut who was outside the orbital station,
deliberately blocked the camera lens with his hand in thick
gloved hand.

This video was obtained by ufologists on February 18.
Researchers are convinced that spacecraft
the star navigator noticed a white object moving away on a large
speed, and simply covered his hand to the audience. They say
From the side it may seem that it happened quite by accident
however, it is actually a deliberate act of hiding from
public information about aliens. So intriguing
developments led the conspiracy therapists to talk again about
that astronauts are well aware of the existence of extraterrestrial forms
of life.

The strengths of this world, they say, force star navigators to keep this
information is secret and prevent its leakage. At least,
so consider many theorists. Skeptics say that
the frame got some piece of space junk and on motion
The astronaut had no effect. Doubters believe that
the mysterious light object was moving too fast in Earth orbit,
so that the person in the suit could respond to the appearance
the alleged spaceship “green men”. Anyway,
the mystery of this UFO still continues to occupy the minds of many

Was there a “boy”, that is, a UFO?

For example, the most meticulous of them began to find out who
the astronauts of the ISS could go into space at this time. Most likely
There could be a service of the Canadarm 2, precisely this
the operation somewhere in the middle of February they planned to carry out
American Mark Vande Hi and Japanese Norisige Kanai. However it is not
more than speculation, since officially such a way out
outer space is not confirmed yet.

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