The Japanese astronaut increased significantlygrowth on the ISS

If you are picking up due to short stature, you probably should
become an astronaut. So, the 41-year-old Japanese man Norisige Kanai,
currently aboard the International Space Station,
grew by 9 centimeters in just 3 weeks of being in zero gravity.
And before it was known that in microgravity conditions
star navigators grow by 1-2 centimeters, but the case of Kanai
is truly exceptional.

Specialists of the Japanese National Space Agency JAXA
note that such a significant jump before never
recorded in the history of extraterrestrial flight. Commenting
what happened during an interview with journalists, Norisige joked that
so rapidly did not grow up since school, and now to him
fear that he will not fit in the seat of the Russian ship “Soyuz”
return to Earth.

Recall that the absence of gravity is considered one of the most important
problems in human space exploration. It is known that
a long stay in weightlessness causes thinning of the skin, dystrophy
muscles, bone fragility, blurred vision, impaired activity
internal organs, sexual dysfunction, mental impairment
abilities and many other not very pleasant effects. So that,
if you are still thinking of becoming an astronaut, think twice, and t
and thrice. Many people return from there almost as disabled. AND
at the same time humanity is on such a low level of space exploration
going to fly and colonize mars! Moreover, wishing
go to the Red Planet – thousands …

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