The Japanese billionaire will be the first touristflew to the moon

American private space company “SpaceX”,
belonging to Ilon Mask, called the name of his first space
tourist. They will be a 42-year-old Japanese billionaire entrepreneur
Yusaku Maezawa.

Unlike other space tourists, Maedzawa will not fly to
Earth’s orbit, and into the Moon’s orbit, taking with it from 6 to 8 prominent
artists. Using the advanced BFR rocket, they plan
fly around Selena, approaching our natural satellite
planet at a distance of 200 kilometers. Expedition should take in
generally about a week.

In addition to business activities, Maezawa is engaged in
music and support of modern art. Japanese is convinced that
a flight to the moon will inspire his chosen creative people to create
unprecedented masterpieces. According to Yusaku, if Selena were seen near
Pablo Picasso or John Lennon, their creativity could achieve
completely new heights.

A unique flight is scheduled for 2023, and, according to Ilona Mask,
This is not idle plans, but the real date
upcoming mission. Currently, SpaceX is working hard
to ensure that the project was implemented. Not yet called
how much Maezawa will have to pay for such pleasure
however, Musk reports that she will be very impressive and will allow
to significantly finance the work of SpaceX.

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