The Japanese offered 4 million rubles forevidence of the existence of mythical monsters

Capcom Japan Corporation, one of the largest
world manufacturers of video games, organized a very unusual
competition. Company executives offered an amount equivalent to 4
Millions of Russian rubles, everyone who provides them
evidence of the existence of any of the following
mythical monsters. 10 more or less interested in Japanese
Known on our planet cryptids:

  • Bigfoot is a monkey-like creature considered
    relict hominid, that is, primitive surviving
  • Loch Ness monster – a huge, like a dinosaur monster,
    inhabiting the Scottish Loch Ness lake, as indeed in other
    reservoirs of the planet;
  • Olgoy-Khorhoi – a giant headless worm that lives in the deserts
    Mongolia and cattle-eating;
  • mermaid – half fish half-female, living in water, having a fish
    tail and human body;
  • Ground Hound – Creepy Dog-like Creature Eating
    dead bodies in Scottish cemeteries;
  • Chupacabra – a predatory monster attacking pets
    in almost all corners of the earth;
  • The flying serpent is a winged serpent in Namibia;
  • yowi – primates hiding in Australian
  • Cornish man – feathered beast, found in
    English churches;
  • The human moth is a winged humanoid, seen since the 1960s in
    West Virginia and predicting its appearance

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