The Japanese scared the most ordinary meteor

The meteor, effectively burnt down in the dark sky at the evening hour,
seriously frightened the other day residents of northwestern Japan. To the police
Calls immediately began to come in with questions and concerns, which
servants of the order counted several dozen, why asked
comment on what happened state astronomical

Scientists have tried to calm the inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun.
This is just a meteor, they said, and a small one – in
several centimeters, no more. As a rule, such space
the bodies are completely burned in the atmosphere of the earth. And if you turn to
statistics, they fall on our planet in thousands without causing it
no harm

Why are the Japanese so frightened by the usual “shooting star”,
which in Russia, for example, are looking forward to lovers to
make a secret wish. The fact is that the Japanese media
literally intimidated their citizens with a possible attack from
North Korea: supposedly this aggressive country is bound to be
launch their missiles in South Korea and Japan. Although in fact to
certain aggression the government of kim jong un is forced only
Americans are the insane policy of the leader of the United States, Donald Trump.

It is worth noting that the meteors burning in the night sky are not afraid
only the Japanese, and the Americans are also susceptible to this, also intimidated
North Korea and God knows more than from their own and
world media. For example, not so long ago this heavenly phenomenon is far away.
residents of Arizona were not happy, considering falling from the sky
star for the beginning of the Apocalypse …

However, let’s see what actually happened in that
the evening hour in Japan and how scary it really is.

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