The KGB had evidence of existencesouls

Declassified documents confirm: temporary experiments
разделению souls и тела в СССР проводили гораздо раньше, чем этим
The issue dealt with Swiss physicians. Materials of one of these
KGB experiments will show REN TV for the first time.

Dr. Olaf Blanke from Switzerland taught a 43-year-old patient
�“Go out” from your own body and “come back” back. Experience has become
part of the progressive treatment of epilepsy and demanded
ultra-modern technical equipment. The experiment made
revolution in European medicine. But it turned out later that the doctor
Blanke did not spend it first: it was already done in the USSR.

Researcher Andrei Solovyov discovered in the KGB archives
documentation on the special astral projection experiment. During
participant experience with perceived extrasensory abilities
должен был продемонстрировать отделение souls от тела. What secret
hid recently declassified experiment materials?

�“The documents contained the memorandum of the resuscitator on
Starchenko names, the researcher states. – He followed
the instruments and the state of the subject in order to – if that – return to
literally the word soul into the body. He recorded cardiac arrest and
energy clot, separated from the body … “

New evidence of god

What did the human soul look like and how did it end
an incredible experiment, for the first time will show REN TV in a documentary
project “New evidence of God.”

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