The king of Saudi Arabia surprised his decreesthe whole world

What did the current king of Saudi Arabia Salman do?
ibn Abdul-Aziz al-Saud, that some surprised and delighted, and others
puzzled and even scared?

As soon as he sat on the throne after the death of his deceased brother,
then issued a series of decrees aimed at further improving
the welfare of his people. In particular, all employees, students
and pensioners were given a remuneration of two months
payments and half a million citizens were forgiven their fines until
133 thousand in terms of US dollars.

By the way, such decrees should be issued by any democratic
a country where supposedly the power of the people is exercised. But in fact, how
it turned out that only kings and others are capable of such actions
�“Dictators”, really (that is, not in words but in deeds)
concerned about the interests of their subjects.

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