The legendary creature got on camera in the SouthAmerica

The video below was taken a few days.
back in one of the South American countries. Alas, the exact place
The incident remains unknown to the Internet public.
A random motorist drove at night along a country road and
unexpectedly saw on the side of the road a strange creature that committed petty
jumps. The mysterious creature looked like a certain dwarf in light
robes and with long black hair.

An eyewitness who captured the alleged devilry on camera
smartphone, immediately remembered the legend of the so-called Patasole.
Patasola is a female monster of many folklore
peoples of the Burning Continent. According to local traditions, this
the monster lives in the jungle and has only one leg, through
which moves. Carnivorous creature attacks off the beaten path
hunters and lumberjacks, ostensibly, devouring them with bones and clothes (not
find no remains from people).

As you might guess, many Web users turned out to be
very impressed and even scared by these shots. A lot of
“YouTube” regulars, after viewing the video, they considered that the speech in
really talking about the supernatural phenomenon. However, there were also
doubters who concluded that we are only
monkey in a wig and a white cape. It remains to hope that
skeptics are right, and there are no such horrors anywhere on our planet
happens, and the legendary Potasol is nothing more than a fabulous hero
local folklore.

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